These downloaders are very different from all the downloaders you have used to date and work very differently. All these downloaders are free of cost there are no charges on them. You can easily download any type of file, Apps and Websites. And their speed is also best.

Let’s see who downloaders are and what are there features:

    1. FDM( Free Download Manager)

This downloader downloads the file in a very best way. It makes parts of the file and presents it to you. This is a out class downloader. It also has some setting of its own. You can set it as you wish. Install it and try it.


  • Schedules the downloading of files at a set time;
  • Auto downloads when connected to Wi-Fi only;
  • Easily manages files downloads;
  • Resumes broken and expired download links;

Downloads This App: Google Play Store

     2. ADM( Advanced Download Manager)

Its downloads speed is also fast and it has a built-in browser and it gives you various settings.  You can also download your file in section by going inside downloads. Whether you paste a link to an audio video or any document, it will downloads the files in minutes.


  • Built-in ADM Browser
  • Easy downloader for all types of files;
  • Downloads accelerator for social networking;
  • Lights material design;
  • Filter by types and status;
  • Left menu with quick options;

Download This App: Google Play Store

     3. 1DM

It is also a great downloader. It comes with a  mini Ads, but its function and speed will amaze you. It also has Built-in browser. And in it you can also set custom setting whether you want to download anything audio, video or any document IDM downloads any kind of files.


  • Auto download Music, Video, Image from social media
  • Download video in the background
  • Download video in hidden folder
  • Browse internet free of Ads
  • Browse video with the built-in browse
  • Multi language and Multi theme

Download this App: Google Play Store

      4. Download Accelerator Plus

This Downloader is also Downloads files as well as previous downloaders. It also has a variety of features and you can customize setting.


  • Download many Music/Video URLs
  • Easy to use with only a few taps away
  • Powerful Built-in browser
  • Customize your theme
  • Schedule download

Download This App: Google Play Store

         5. M Downloader

This Downloader is not professional but can be very useful to you. You have to do is download a video from any social media platform and they are vertical. Just you have to do is copy the link. And download it in M Downloader.


Download This App: Google Play Store

5 Best App Locker for Android is here:


So, these were the five best downloaders. I hope you will like these downloaders. Install them and make them standby. I you have other suggestion feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Thank you and Take care.

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