Is Your Mobile Ready For Ramadan

The month of Ramadan is a blessed month for all Muslims and all Muslim look forward to the Ramadan. May Allah Almighty grant us all the strength to fast in the month of Ramadan and forgive us all our sins. And may Allah bless us all with the blessings of the month of Ramadan.

How to use your mobile phone in the month of Ramadan. Enlighten your mobile with these apps and ideas and get the blessings and happiness of the month of Ramadan and improve your world and the hereafter.

Let’s see how you can use these apps and ideas in your mobile?

You can run a transmission on your WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, message of Ramadan in which you can translate any verse and hadiths to share with the people every day of Ramadan. You can run this transmission by making SMS, pictures or Videos in the name of the message of Ramadan and convey the message of Allah Almighty to the people and renew your faith.

Do you ever go on a journey to visit, someone who is ill, go to the graveyard, wear new clothes, suddenly, you listen good news and there are many such occasions and small prayers that our prophet(peace be upon him) would ask for were.

From this app you can remember all these prayers.


All these prayers will be easily found in this app. This app contain prayers for every occasion. In this month of Ramadan, you should take advantages of this application and memorize at least one prayer every day. In fact there are many features in this app. There are hadiths in it and including complete Quran translation.

See how you can use this app with the help of this link? Islam 360

Download this app: Google Play Store and App Store

If you want to pray in the congregation and none of your prayers go without congregation and you go on a journey or arrive in a city then how do you know where the mosque is around you. The easiest way to do just you go to your google and Tap “Masjid”. Google will bring all the mosques around you in front of you and show you their distance and their names.

This way you will be able to perform your prayers easily with the congregation.

Our Prophet(PBUH) forbade morning and evening dhikr in his life. make it a habit in your daily life.

Use this link to download the dhikr; Morning and Evening Dhikr

In addition to this, there is another app “Memorize Quran” with the help of this app you can memorize the verses of the Quran in a very powerful way.

Memorize Quran

Screen shots of this app.

Download App from Playstore: Memorize Quran

If you are not able to meet the time, then you can make your own timetable and set an alarm on your mobile. This way your mobile can be very useful in Ramadan.


I hope you enjoy the ideas and these apps. Now download its to your mobile and take advantages of its features and share them with your friends. If you use your mobile phone properly instead of listening to the song in Ramadan Mubarak. It can forgive your sins and make your fast be accepted. Thank You and Take Care.

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    I’m from Somalia 🇸🇴
    I have a problem playstore I can’t download from playstore memorize Qur,an
    Not available in this country
    Is there any resolve

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