If your game is connected to the internet and you want it to run fast no other app on your mobile will bother you during the game then use this app. This game booster will give you many benefits.

Let’s see what this app is it and what’s its features?

        GAME MODE

Game Mode is a very famous Android Game in which you can play your favorite games as well as you wish.

Install and open it and select the game you want to improve. After that you will come across many features. You can use these features for the game.

Screenshots of this app;

Whenever you have to play your game. You will paly it from inside this app, these features will be applicable inside your game.

With the help of this app you get fast game and the whole internet data will your game.

More Screenshots;


  • Reject the call automatically
  • Closes notifications to appear on the screen
  • Your game play fast as you wish
  • All internet data used your game

Download This App: Google Play Store

Tutorial for more information:


I hope you enjoy this app and take advantages of its features. If you have other suggestion feel free to leave them in the comment section below. Thank you and Take Care.

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