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Comparing of other Software, apps and Websites “ChatGPT” is unique and different from all. A turning point of humanity has came now. After reading this article and getting this information. Your theory of watching, thinking, method of working will totally change. With the help of “AI” Humans get Lamp of Aladdin “CHATGPT”. This is the turning point of humanity.

In the era of mobile and IT, you can do everything with ChatGPT, that will come in your mind and you think. ChatGPT give you the answer of your all Questions and you can write essay or Article, write script, make full website. If you ask Question from any book of world, you can get answer, and in any language Urdu, English, Arabic, Persian or Hindi. ChatGPT Speak with you in such language. If you have the Question of Math, Chemistry, Physics and want to write new article on any person of the world, need post for website that are not available on the World now then it’ll easily provide you anything. About any gadget and any issue come in it and you need it’s solution, ChatGPT provide you proper and best solution.

You can easily use it on your phone, laptop, PC and where you want and ChatGPT break the big records of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and facebook were required several month for gain such online user. It has taken only two or three weeks.

How to Use it? And how you can change your life with this?

If you can change the theory of your thinking and want to earning than make it the best way of earning. So, Go to CHAT.OPENAL.COM, Here Sin Up. You can also make new ID or either with Google and here is the ChatGPT from OPEN.AL. Note, Save and BookMark it because this is helpful for you life time. ChatGPT work for you like the Lamp of Aladdin.

Some Examples:

If you type on it anything it will give the solution of it. Give you the information that you want. How? For Example you write “How to create Website?” Now see it’s reply of it. It will give you complete detail properly and sequencely. That how you create a website and get hosting? Like type “Write essay on Pakistan” It gives you the proper essay on Pakistan.
It is such a useful that you not even think. You have any subject and language. It provides you natural information. You can give it any question of Math. It will give you it’s proper solution and answer.
If you not like answer of the your question then you can also regenerate result, it will give you the answer in second way. As you do, as it give you the answer in that new way. If you are a Youtuber then you can write script to it. How? Like type “Write script for Youtube Video on Ten best Android Apps” and then see it’s perfection. It give you the complete article for your youtube video. Youtuber get full advantages through it.

Like this, if you have any website or blog, you want any article or post, then just type it’s topic. It will give you the answer. ChatGPT provide you 100% such article that is not on Internet first. It not copy/paste data, it totally write new data and the biggest thing is that it is not only in English but on any language you can get whatever you want.
So, use it, learn it because surely, if you know it’s use learn to get benefit from it. Then you can change your life with it. It teach you anything, It also work as a teacher for you.

Upcoming Features:

And there will also come text version of ChatGPT in upcoming months or years, Text to image and text to video concept will come and then You just give the topic to ChatGPT. It will make complete video on it.

Free or not:

The biggest thing is that ChatGPT is totally free of cost, there are nothing any charges not have any paid version and not any type of Ads come in it.

In Short:

ChatGPT is an evolution this is your doctor, teacher, office worker, programmer, script writer, content writer, best calculator and translator. Ask question from it and get the answer, increase your IQ level and knowledge and get different type of ideas through it. Try it to change your life.

Try it Now: ChartGPT

Tutorial for more Information:

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