If you want to save your app from others  because of  any purpose and you search for such app that secure you other apps from unauthorized users. Then here is the app that is very useful for you.

       App Locker

This app locker is the only app with the many features in Google Play Store, with the help of this app you can lock every app in your mobile. Then weather it is WhatsApp or Facebook and you can do a lot of work on this app . There are many features on this app.

app locker

50 millions people have download this app and 4.3 is its rating you can put finger print lock if you want you can also set a different password for each one and same password once you have create your ID you have to close this app completely then re-open this app and apply permission grant with notification. It will not work without notification, if you forget your password you can recover you can recover by email no one can open your app without your permission if you lose your phone, you can control your phone from another while sitting anywhere. You can also set the time on your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to see how long they can be on with system lock you can also lock your resent app like the resent of app lockers this version will ask you for permission it will work if you give it permission.

Tutorial of App Locker:



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