PTCL Touch App

PTCL Touch is the official self care app for PTCL’s customers. You can manage your PTCL account through your smartphone with just a few taps. Your DSL phone is down. If you want to complain about it, you don’t need to talk to the helpline. You can submit a complain through this app. You can also check how much DSL or charji data you have used. You can also pay user PTCL bill at home and recharge Charji/EVO. live chat with PTCL and subscribers can order any PTCL service from home. Detailed of all PTCL packages, complaint status and find special helpline numbers easily take in this app.

Lets go this app and see advantages of this app

PTCL Touch App


        PTCL Touch

Install it and open it. If you don’t create an ID you can click on  log in a guest. Then its menu comes in front of you. The first option is data usage service.  This will let you know how much data you have used for your EVO/Charji. In this option you will get full month details. The second option is Bill inquiry and Payment. In it you can check how much your bill has been paid or if you want to pay the bill, you can do it with the help of easily Jazz Cash or Easy paisa.

The third option is to register a complaint. From this you have to state your device, your number and email. you can easily file a complaint through this option. You can check the status of your complaint to see if they are working on your problem or not. The fourth option is order status. You can order your PTCL services. You can buy any PTCL product from home.

Then you have to go to support. Here you can have live chatting with PTCL. Then there is the great option of Contact directory. From here you can get special numbers of PTCL ones. Here you can find out the physical address of any services center.


You can check international call rates. If you have reset Wi-Fi, you can set it in Urdu and English.



  • Easily place a new order for any PTCL product/service or check current order status
  • Stay updated on new promotional offers
  • Get your latest bill info and pay through debit/credit card via PTCL e-payment system
  • Know your current data usage
  • Check the updated status of your registered complaint
  • Customer care support through PTCL Touch App
  • Watch video tutorial on tips and tricks, get help from FAQs and live chatting on it
  • Conveniently register your telephone, internet, Charji/ EVO, and smart TV complaint

Download This App: Google Play Store and App Store


I hope you enjoy the app, Download it now and take advantage of it. If you have other suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Thanks you and Take Care.

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