If you wish That while chatting you are typing anything in Urdu but your massage is send in English or you are typing in English but your message is send in Urdu. Similarly, you can type in any message in any language. Also if you are in any section of mobile, in the browser or in the mobile App you can translate any paragraph from there easily.

Let’s know what is this app and what are is its features?

     Chat Translator

After installing this app, Open it. Here you have access it, you have to allow it wherever you need it. With the help of this app, you can easily translate your message and send your message in any language.

More Screenshots;


  • Automatically translate every message you received in any language to your language.
  • Easily detect the other person language.
  • You can easily translate any paragraph.

Download This App: Chat Translator

Using Method is here:


I hope you enjoy this app. Download it and take advantages of its features.

If you have other suggestion feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Thank You and Take Care.

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