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Mobile phones are one of the most used tools for capturing images and videos today. But sometimes you don’t like your pictures. Use your photo editor apps to add color to your  photo to make it more colorful ,to improve it and to remove junk from it .I find this app very useful for editing your photo . some of them are the ones who put four moons on your picture .


For photo editing ,first of all want to improve the resolution. This app allows you to set up and clean up ten pictures daily for free. When you open the app first you select a picture and then apply it at this time an Ad will appear, which you have to put up with. If you work professionally, you can purchase this app i,e if you are a photographer but you can also use it for free, the process of this app is long but it is a wonderful one. This app make the picture full HD.


With this app you can do more, if you take a picture with a security camera, so it would be very blurry you can easily clear this image too. This is also a great application in the security system.

  • Turn your selfie, or group picture into HD
  • Repair old, blurry, scratched photos
  • Increase the number of pixels and resolution
  • To clear the old camera photos

Download App Playstore: Remini
Download Apple Appstore: Remini

     2. Visage Lab

In Visage Lab you can increase the resolution of any type of image. Remove its blemishes and can increase pixels. Its downloads have reached ten million. This is an premium app but you can run it freely. you have to go to visage lab here, you have to select your photo and do ok .Now you have to click on the Retouch option and then process will start. After the process ,your picture will be filmed ,so now when you save it, You get it into logo It will not happen without logo .So you take a screenshot of it , close the picture completely ,take a nice screenshot of it and save this picture .The screenshot removes the pixels , but your image is immediately cleaned .If you want to bring your picture to HD, you have to install another app for free .The process of this app is long but it is amazing that this app can be made into HD.


  • Eye makeup
  • Red eye removal
  • Teeth whitening
  • Color enhancement
  • Fully automatic face retouch
  • Skin makeup
  • Skin smooth and brightness
  • 40 percent HD result
  • Easy sharing and saving

Download this App: Visage Lab
Download Apple Appstore: Visage Lab

   3.Dark Room

Your can also use this app to  edit the picture. With this app you can fill different colors . Use filter .Turn on this app ,select your picture .Different function will appear in front of you .you can make the filter stand by you can adjust the color setting .On it you will find all kinds of color settings Dark or Bright as you like . This app works great . Add four moon to your pictures, filter them, color them, work on them as they come and add your own picture. Photo editor  and effects you don’t need a lot of time or pro skill to make the most of this ultra-fast ,super-intuitive photo editor.


  • Emulate film with advanced presets
  • Adjust photo Brightness , contrast, Highlights, shadows, sharpness and spilt tones
  • Premium filters; edit to match your photo
  • Simple editor photo with lights sun, snow, effect vintage photo editor and more.
  • Easily rotate any angle ,flip, add border and many meaningful aspect ratios.


Download this App: Dark Room 
Download Apple Appstore: Dark Room




If you want to impose a text on your image, you can impose it with this app. You must add a symbol in each language .so select your picture . Write down the text you want to write . you can also shadow the tax and change the color . You can put it wherever you want. You can give it a background , In the same way you can write Urdu in it. You can also give it a 3D key image.

  • Text size is changeable
  • Text color is changeable
  • Text shadow is changeable
  • Text is rotatable
  • Text width and Hight change
  • Blind mode is changeable
  • Line spacing is changeable
  • Text background and background color is changeable

Download this App; Phonto
Download Apple Appstore: Phonto


This app is for picture tuning. It is absolutely free. Install it, select the picture in which you have increased the resolution, then you see your skin will soft. Try out the filters that best suit your skin, capture an array of different mods using various selfie filters. It perfect the combination of filters and makeup. It is very easy and simple beauty camera.

  • Take your picture from ordinary to extraordinary using the portrait effect
  • Provide high resolution mode for selfies
  • Natural beauty effects applied in real time
  • Capture the most trendy styles with one touch

Download this App: Soda
Download Apple Appstore: Soda

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