The biggest problem arises whenever you start moving from Android smart phone to iPhone. Here’s how to transfer your data from your Android smartphone to iPhone. With the help of this software you can easily shift your entire Android data to iPhone.

Let’s see how you can transfer your data?

       Mobile Trans

Mobile Trans is the efficient software. It is the best software for phone to phone data transfer. With this website you can easily shift the computer data of your Android smartphone to iPhone. With it you can transfer WhatsApp data, Data restore or Backup easily. It also works on a variety of apps. You need to download and install this software. This software is available for both Laptop Pc, Windows and Mac Book.

Screenshots of this website:


In it you can transfer data of WhatsApp business, GB WhatsApp and transfer data for any Apps.

It also has a great feature that allows you to restore deleted data from your WhatsApp.

You can also restore your data inside iTunes. It has a main feature called phone to phone transfer. With this feature you can easily shift any of your Android data to iPhone.

Before transferring data, you have to go to your Android settings and select the developer option. Within this you have to select USB Debugging option. If you do not select it your mobile will not work to attached laptop PC and Mac book.

Next you have to go to the setting of iPhone in which you have to Tap on the iCloud and turn off the contacts only then this application work.

Then, you have to connect both your mobiles via data cable and this is how your data transfer is start.

Download This Website: Mobile Trans


I hope this website is more helpful for you. Download it and take advantages on its features. If you have other suggestion feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Thank you and Take Care.

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