LightPDF is helping businessmen, office worker, students, educators, lawyer and many more people working in different fields to deal with PDF documents in an easy ways. is a safe and free website providing all visitors online PDF tools for using. Those tools include the PDF converter, editor and other tools that can help to split, merge, sigh, unlock PDF etc. User can use the services free of cost. “User” can use without any signup and subscription required.

Lets start the working of

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It can convert PDF files with high efficiency and supports for Microsoft office format. You can easily make use of this online PDF converter to turn PDF documents into various commonly used file or create a PDF from a wide range of document formats.

It is easy to use. First of all، on your device, just hit “choose file” to select a PDF file to upload it. Secondly, waiting for a few seconds and the website will completes uploading and converting. The last step is when it finishes the conversion process, click the download icon beside the file name to get the processed word document.

              Features of lightPDF:

  • Document conversion
  • Text extraction

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I hope you enjoy the Website and take advantages of its features. If you have other suggestion, feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Thanks you Take care.


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