how to make thumbnail for youtube videos

What apps do you need to know how to create an attractive thumbnail inside your mobile on the YouTube video. With the help of these apps, you can make a beautiful thumbnail inside your laptop, PC, and MacBook. By the way, there are many apps for making thumbnails inside mobile. But these apps and websites are the most useful.

Let’s see what are these apps and websites and how they work?

You can select a photo of yourself on which you want to make your thumbnail. There is no restriction that your photo is on the green background. Your photo can be in front of any wall or in any open field.

First you have to go to From here you have to select a nice background for them and download it.

Then you have to open the PicWish app. Here you have to bring the picture from gallery whose background you want to change. Here it will automatically remove your background then adjust the background you downloaded.

After Adjusting you have to save it. Now this pictures save in the gallery. Then you have to bring your image to the size of YouTube’s thumbnail. 16 by 9. With this efforts, the HD result of your picture will come. Now your picture is ready to thumbnail.

Now you have to texting it. To do texting you have to go to Text On Photo app. Here you have to tap on the “+” and choose templates. Then you have to select the picture as you want and add the text on it. If you want to write the text then tap on the “ok”. In it you will find built-in templates, then you can save it after it is complete.

Now simple thumbnail is ready. Now you have to put an icon or item. Then you have to go to your Phonto app here you bring the photo that you have prepared for thumbnail. Here you can customize each of your text. Now if you want to give an item in your thumbnail or do any shape then, you have to go to Here you have to enter the name of the item/icon as you want. If you like it, you have to save in the gallery. This icon is to be added to your picture via Phonto app. You can adjust it wherever and rotate it easily.

You can make picture more attractive with the help of Neon Text On Photo app.

After that how you can make thumbnail in your Laptop, MacBook and PC?

You will also need these apps and websites but you need extra software Abode Photo shop.

You will find the details of these apps and websites below.


These apps are animated inside your thumbnail. These apps are used to change your background and for texting on photos.

1. Phonto

If you want to impose a text on your image, you can impose it with this app. You must add a symbol in each language .so select your picture . Write down the text you want to write . you can also shadow the tax and change the color . You can put it wherever you want. You can give it a background , In the same way you can write Urdu in it. You can also give it a 3D key image.


  • Text size is changeable
  • Text color is changeable
  • Text shadow is changeable
  • Text is rotatable
  • Text width and Hight change
  • Blind mode is changeable
  • Line spacing is changeable
  • Text background and background color is changeable

Download from Apple AppStore: Phonto

Download from Google Play Store: Phonto


2. PicWish

Within this app you can easily remove the background of your picture. Specially, you can download your picture in HD result. Elsewhere, you don’t get HD images. Just Tap “Remove Background”, then you will get a transparent background instantly.

Screen shots of this app;


  • Adjust brightness and contrast of your items.
  • Photo background eraser from any picture in second.

Download from Apple AppStore: Picwish

Download from Google PlayStore: PicWish


3. Text on Photo

With the help of this app you can add text to the image as you want. You can change the size and give the shadow any color.

Beautiful designed font by photo text editor. Here you will find simple and convenient font format editing tool makes it easy to edit fonts as you like.

Download from Apple AppStore: Art Word

Download from Google Play Store: Art Word


4. Neon Text on Photo

With the help of this you can make your picture more attractive. In which, you can make graphics design, logo, posters and invitation cards.


Download from Apple AppStore: Neon Text on Photo


In these websites you will find items, icons and backgrounds for your thumbnail. You can easily get the background as you want.


In this website you will find countless background for any event any festival and every color as you want. You just download the background and bring it to your gallery.

Screen shot of this websites;


For Backgrounds: FreePik

For Icons and PNGs : Premium Icons



I hope you enjoy these apps and websites. Used its and take advantages of its features. Thank you and Take Care.

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