Finally YouTube Series Chapter 11 is Here in this Article I’ll tell you that How to find trending and topics for YouTube videos in 2023? So read full Article and don’t forget to like and Share.

              1. YouTube Google Trends

If you want to know that on YouTube last hour, last day, last week, last month and in last five years what topics searching more? With “Google hot trend visualize” You can know this easily. On every search you found 25 queries. You can know that how many it was search, what search in any country? You can choose the country that you want. And here you can also choose the category that you want for result. That on which category what is searching? Here choose the category that is related to your channel, And you found the result related to this category, And apart this if you want you can also see the graph of keyword, What trend is running, you can easily know about even it belong to any country.

               2. Google visualize Search Page

What if you find that what people searching now, at this time and from where country? What they type in Google Search? Who wouldn’t want to get this lamp of Aladdin? “Google Visualize” in it you found trending topics for YouTube. All our the world anything that are written on Google Search is coming in front of you. From here you can choose country. It is useful for lifetime. That was the first source, let’s go to next source.

Here is the video:

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