There are many apps on app store and Play store but we always try to find best and useful apps for our Android and iphone. So, here are some apps that prove to be useful for you.

So, let’s which are these apps and what are their features?

      1. FOCOS

When you take a image on your mobile but your image is not good. So, you can take a normal image on your mobile phone and then install this app and added your normal image on this app. This app blurs your background. This is amazing app. It make your photo more beautiful.


  • Background blur effect.
  • Lots of photo effect.
  • Use brush to blur where you want.
  • Focus photo in the background of the photo.

Download This App: Google Play Store and App Store

         2. NASA

If you are free at home install this app. With the help of this app you can watch latest videos, images and mission information about space. You can also watch NASA TV.


  • Watch live NASA TV
  • Read all the latest news and features stories
  • Discover the latest NASA mission information
  • You can take many information about Space

Download This App: Google Play Store and App Store

         3. Hi Translate

The Hi Translate is a feature on the phone master app, it is a free language translator for more then 100 languages, including Hindi translation to English, translation from English to Hindi, English to Marathi translation etc. Just Speak or text to translate


  • Support Multiple Social Media Translation
  • Chat Translation
  • Language Support
  • Camera translation
  • Totally free of cost
  • And easy to use
  • Improve application stability
  • Text translation
  • Voice translation
  • Image translation

Download from here: Google Play Store, App store

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