Apart of Netflix and PUBG, we have a lot of other apps in our Smart Phones. By using these you should get many benefits. So, In this Article you should able to know 7 Amazing and useful Apps. Hopefully, all Apps prove to be useful for you.

So, lets which are these apps and what are their features.

          1. Dualgram

By Dualgram make a recording on camera with both sides (front and back) at a time. If you want to make tutorial or Game play. Anything you want to record you can easily record at a time. Dualgram is best App for iPhone. So, install and try this app.

  • takes photo/video from multiple camera at the same time
  • easy to use
  • totally free
  • make tutorial and game play easily
  • record vlog and shoot at a time

Download from here: App Store

           2. AR Vid Metaverse

Today’s era is the period of virtual reality. And such App comes in our phone through which in your room. You can see such things that you can’t even imagine. So such App type of best is found in your App Store. [AR Vid Metaverse] Install and open it. In this App you found different type of Animals and Things, which you see live in your room. You can see such things on your room by placing anywhere and also record its video, if you want. It is specially made for educational purpose for increasing child’s knowledge and guide them. So use this App and Get rich benefits.

  •  Cats & Dogs Pack
  • Place your photos in AR
  • Wildlife Pack
  • Take videos and photos of your scenes
  • Import your own 3D models
  • Supports landscape and portrait

Download from here: App Store

          3. Elevate

A best and useful App for iPhone is “Elevate”. Install it, it gives you mind blowing games for mind training. You will really amazed that how it improve your mind through mind games. Increase your skills, Improve you Memory, Take you mind to next level, mind will improve than ever and sharp, note again the name of this app is “Elevate” Must try this App.

  • 40+ brain training games
  • performance tracking
  • Overall mental sharpness
  • Adaptive progression

Download from here: App Store

          4. G Board

Google keyboard (G Board) is very famous. Almost all Android user using G Board. Apart this, iPhone user also using G Board and get benefits. You will easily found G Board in your App Store. Install it and give all permission to it. you easily searching, translating and sending from here to anyone. Here you get rich benefit, a lot of features you should get by using G Board. You can do voice typing and perform various tasks. So install now, Google key board.

  • Multilingual typing
  • glide and voice Typing
  • Google Translate
  • One hundred modes and themes
  • Fast and smart typing with emojis and GIFs

Download from here: App Store

          5. Khan Academy

In this app you will find all kinds of books from Playgroup to Last Grade. Whatever subject and knowledge you want, you will find it here, Totally free of cost without any charges. Whatever subject and knowledge you want, All type of Questions and Answer you will find from here, all type of book you find from here, belong to any field and categories of knowledge you can get from here without any charges. Without need to go school, you can learn on your Mobile. So install Khan Academy now.

  • Free education app
  • Free learning for 1-12
  • Video, exercise and practice tests
  • Keep learning even offline

Download from here: App Store

          6. Google News

Many News channels are available and all are watching a lot, But many of them are not neutral. They all are supporting different parties. If you want authentic news, then install “Google News” In it you get real news of Pakistan, World, Business, Technology, Entertainment, Sport, Science or Health, And get immediately. And Google new is also prove to be useful for Youtuber, Crafter and Makers because they will find new contents ideas. So, install it now and get full benefit if you are a youtuber, crafter or maker.

  • Discover current events
  • world-wide news
  • diverse content from different publishers
  • Bookmark and share articles
  • Personalize content

Download from here: App Store

          7. Wikipedia

In your Phone, Play Store or App Store a good app “Wikipedia” is available. In it you will find and know about all thing in the world and also you give knowledge of every famous man. What thing when and why it is create? Who is the maker? Whose man, when it born? How much he will educated? Where he live? when he died? Whatever you want to knowledge? you can get easily. It’s a very very useful App. So install Wikipedia in your phone for lifetime. It want no charges. It is the software that helpful for lifetime

  • several high-quality articles
  • well-linked with each other
  •  general introduction for visitors
  • free Internet-based encyclopedia

Download from here: App Store

So these are the useful apps for iPhone. Install, use it and get full benefits. What app you like the most, feel free and must tell me in comments. Thanks!

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