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Today, mobile app have become very important in this era. You are making things easier for yourself by doing various things with them. The Best Study Apps 2022 for student from which they can get free of cost information. These apps is about Math, Physics, Chemistry and especially about Computer programming. All kind of students can benefit from them. Their rating is Near 4.4 And their downloads are minimum 1 million at least. Absolutely free of cost. Student of every class can benefit from them.You get education from them. from these apps you you will get videos, lesson and formulas.

Here is the List Bellow Of the Best apps for Students:

1. Microsoft Math Solver

This app from Microsoft. It’s about Math and great for the math’s student. It has a 4.6 rating. And 10million plus downloaders. This a  wonderful app. Download and open it. It will allow you to scan the questions if it is written on your notebook. It will give you the answer. You can draw on it and type on it as you wish. It will give you an answer . you can do whatever you want . This way can use get many benefits by using this app .This app should be available to every human being and not to students.

  • Write a math equation on screen as you naturally do on paper
  • Scan printed or handwritten math photo
  • Import images with math equation from gallery
  • Try math words problems
  • Use any symbol in the math’s question
  • Learn math in your language_ suppose Chinese, French, Hindi, Russian, Japanese, and many more
  • Scan Algebra expression Linear\NON Linear function

Download This App:  Microsoft Math Solver


It’s rating is 4.7 and 5 hundred k plus Downloader. This is a wonderful app. It give you information about all kinds of categories. Like mathematics formulas and physiology formula. You can see Yunus’ conversion and get all kind of information about chemistry, physics. It’s absolutely free of cost.


  • About Math ( Algebra, Geometry, Different calculus, Linear algebra, Beta and Gamma function, Z Transform)
  • About Physics (Mechanics, Waves, Optical, Thermodynamics, Modern physics)
  • About Chemistry (Stoichiometry, Solutions, Gases, Structure of the atom, Organic chemistry)
  • TOOLs (Units of measure, Unit constant, SI prefixes, Scientific calculator, Matrix calculator, Unit converter)
  • About Chemical elements such as;( Atomic weight, Heat of fusion , Heat of vaporization, and specific heat)
  • Electronegativity

Download This App:  Formulia

     3. BBC English learning

The name of this app indicates that it is an English learning app. You can learn all kind of English at all levels either educational or business. The rating of this is 4.4 and downloads are 5 million. this app is very popular app. you can learn English in it through videos. You go into programming everyday English, business English, learn with news and learn with dramas hat you want to learn by this app, in this way you can easily learn at home with great ease. It may seem difficult to learn English, but with this app you can easily learn, understand and speak. So take benefits of it by install it, this will make your English much faster.

  • Provide news lesson daily
  • Improve vocabulary and pronunciation
  • Provide notification to help you continue your learning
  • There is also a test after learning English
  • Learn English weather you are in traveling, walking and flying

Download this App: BBC English Learning

     4. Mimo

This app is made especially for computer students. The rating of this app is 4.7 and download is 5 million. the significance of this can be gauged from this. In it you can learn all kinds of computer language. This app asks you if you are job seeker doing just for fun or is there a reason behind it, or you want to become a professional developer. You can choose any of them, then it asks you if you are a high school student, studying at university or have an employee, you can choose any of these categories. You can learn all kind of computer language in it, take advantage of it by installing this app. It will be very useful for you. This is especially true for those who use computer coding.

  • Learn the most programming language like HTML, CSS, SQL
  • Best for practice of coding
  • A proper certificate will also to showcase your coding skills
  • Million of programmer join for coding
  • Solve the bit size of coding challenges
  • With SQL, you can learn the analyze data

Download this App: Mino

     5. Noon Academy

This is Pakistani app. The rating of this app is 4.2, 2 point less but wonderful app, and downloads is over 10 million. When you install and open it, so it will ask you if you are Pakistani or belong to another country, you can select you country here it will ask you for your board so you can choose your board. It will then ask you which class you are in, after selecting all this, you can also tap on the subject in which you are interesting.

Student get 90 plus marks in exams specially for board exams (metric & intermediate). For preparation of exams video feature, topic wise lectures, Quizzes and revision test should be held, also if you are preparing entry test for admission in university, then noon academy is the best choice. It is like a studying tool for student.

  • During your class take a breakout with your friend into group
  • It provide best teacher with video streams and high quality video with interactive classrooms
  • Noon is the best free online study platform with interactive classrooms
  • It is e-learning app for primary school and high school
  • It provide the ability to make online exams

Download this App: Noon Academy


Here are our top picks for the best apps i hope they will be very useful in your school and college life. If you have other suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Thank You and Take Care.

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