These android apps will be useful in your daily affairs. There are many benefits to using Android apps. How to get your important data back if your mobile data has been deleted .If you are talking to your friends and you do not understand their chatting ,how can you understand their language? And if you want to be able to lock separate apps on your phone ,you can easily lock every apps. What to do if you want to do something in your spare time. There are many benefits you can get from these Android apps. Install them in your mobile and take advantage of them.

     1.Dumpster date recovery app

you can easily recover all the important documents, photos, videos and files that have been deleted from your smart phone. Maximum rates can be stored through this data recovery app. Nowadays many smart phones have the option of recycle bin ‘ but if your important data is deleted from the recycle bin So, you can get it from the data recovery app.

With the help of this app you can easily recover your important data. there are many benefits to using this app you can also purchase this app and you can also use free .

dumpster recovery app

  • Restore photos or any media
  • Custom themes and designs
  • Internet connection is not required
  • More data can store
  • Lock screen capabilities

Download this App: Dumpster

     2.Chat Translator

Chat in any language with friends that speak different language. when you open it, first you have to access it and so wherever you need it there is allow to it and when you open WhatsApp , Instagram and other chatting apps, two icons about chat translator will come up there when you get a message it mean, regular chatting will begin so if you think you don’t understand you can translate the message if you want to write in one language but let him go to other in another language it will also possible by this app easy.

Chat Translator

  • Translate any hidden text on your phone screen to your language
  • Automatically convert your friend language
  • Translate every message you typed to friends language
  • All news and social media posts can be easily converted in another language

Download this App: Chat Translator

     3.App Locker

This app locker is the only app with the many features in Google Play Store .with the help of this app you can lock every app your mobile. then weather it is WhatsApp or Facebook and you can do a lot of work on this app . There are many features on this app.

app locker

50 millions people have download this app and 4.3 is its rating you can put finger print lock if you want you can also set a different password for each one and same password once you have create your ID you have to close this app completely then re-open this app and apply permission grant with notification . it will not work without notification. .if you forget your password you can recover you can recover by email no one can open your app without your permission if you lose your phone ,you can control your phone from another while sitting anywhere .you can also set the time on your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to see how long they can be on with system lock you can also lock your resent app like the resent of app lockers this version will ask you for permission it will work if you give it permission.

  • If someone access your app then take a picture
  • Lock  the app with a password to protect your privacy
  • The app size is just about 4MB and working fast
  • Easy to lock and unlock using notification bar
  • If you enter the wrong password ,it will give you a error message
  • You can also put a pattern lock on it
  • It also allows you to set the same password for each app

Download this App; App Locker

      4.Game Mode(A Brilliant game booster)

If your game belongs to the internet and runs slowly. Another application on your mobile phone annoys you during the game. You don’t want that to happen, so this app will help you. A lot of people know about this app and are taking advantage of it but many people still unfamiliar with this app. Game Mode is a small app of nine MB, it has five million plus downloads. When you install and open it, here you have to click the plus, and you have to choose the game that you want to improve the performance. You choose the game. When you click it, you will find many features there, Where you can choose any option here you see an option(Block Internet Access for others Apps) when you open this option, you can close all others apps that runs on internet. So that other apps do not use internet, in this way all the internet speed goes into your game. And you will get all internet data for the game.

Note: Whenever you have to play a game, you have to come inside the app and play your game from here, then that all the features that you have chosen apply to your game. If you do not play your game from here, all the things that you have done will not work.

  • Reject incoming calls
  • This game booster is on your side, it means show your skills without disturbance
  • Change Wi-Fi state, Ringtones and volume for smoother gaming experience
  • With game booster, it is possible to block notification
  • Create widgets easily to launch games directly from your device’s home screen

Download this App; Game Mode


       5. Redeemer

There are plenty apps you can’t buy inside the Android play store and Google play store .There are many offers on these apps but you don’t know which offer is running on which app this will tell you know which app is free .You can download it within a limited time. You can easily buy those that have received offers and discount . Developers acquit the app for a few days promote their app .This you will find new apps every day . Install this app and take advantage of it.



  • Daily app of the day and game of the day offers
  • Dark / Light themes
  • Get daily notification for apps on sale for limited time
  • Sometimes you get free app
  • Sometime you get a big discount and sometime free

Download this App; Redeemer


If you have no work to do, you can install it yourself. It will give you a lot of information about the stars ,moon and different planets in the universe ,It give information about satellites and man who has learned about space. There are many people in the world who are interested in the learning about the universe and they are also interested in the universe. With the help of this app you can find out how far man has traveled in the space. Learn how to invent machines? How to invent Robot? With the help of this app when you look at the universe of Allah Almighty, your faith will grow stronger. with the help of this app you will get a lot of information about space, so now instead of wasting your free time, install it. Learn about the universe so that you now that everything in the universe was created by god for this purpose will not be bored.

  • Detailed information for every stellar object
  • Magnetars, a special are rare type of neutron star
  • Watch live NASA tv
  • View the earth as Art image collection and interactive map
  • Listen to third  Rock Radio (alternative rock radio station)
  • Your knowledge will increase and your time will not wasted

Download this App; NASA


Gesture is very useful app. It help you in your daily affairs. When you open it, first you go on others setting and turn on the floating button, then click on save and press back button, floating button will appears in your mobile phone, when you click this button, a menu appears in front of you, clicking on the menu will bring you the whole setup. To click on Gesture you can add anything to it draw and design anything in it and you can save it by the name.

For example; It you create tick symbol and name this WiFi, so when you press the Gesture and make a tick mark, WiFi will open. In this way you can make a mark of your choice with Gesture and give it a function. No need to fall into long, wide circles, you don’t ever have to go into setting.

  • The main feature of Gesture is, it make shortcuts with custom gesture
  • It is very easy and simple to use
  • Go back, turn on flashlight, take screenshot etc through this app can done very easily

Download this app: Gesture

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