Best Video Editing App 2022

VITA is the best video editing app. In which you can create video using different templates. That helps you create eye capturing videos using all kinds of filters and other elements. The best part is that you don’t need any previous knowledge. It allows you to create a high quality video that is full of sound effects and filters. You can easily install it from Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. It is absolutely free of cost.

Let’s see how this app works?

        VITA(video editor )


There are built in templates in it. You can you all kind of templates. Then there is the “Free Store” where you will find free effects and free themes. Similarly you will find effects here for all kinds of mod, festivals, themes for all kinds of video editing.


Then how do you edit the video?

You have to go to the project, and tap “New Project”. Then you have to select the video that you want to edit. After that the video is mentation in front of you. You can give whatever effects you wat to it. It is absolutely free of cost. There are no charges.

Screen shots of this app.


What’s special about that when you edit your video, you will see your audio time in it. You will find a ratio line in it. You can make your video in any size, make it for TikTok, for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You can easily give them here any size as you want.

It also has a number of Frames. You can easily frame your video from here. One of its tool is amazing  Pip this will allow you to add another video to your video. Both videos play at a time. You can easily adjust the other video whenever it should be set.

Then, you can increase or decrease the speed of your video with the speed tool.

This app is very useful and easy compared to all video editors and packed with many features. When you have edit your full video, see how to remove your watermark before exporting. When you have finished editing the full video, you have to tap on the Scale and shorten your video a bit. After minimizing you will corner the video. Then tap on Apply All and export your video. Now you need to move  your video to the gallery resize the video you shortened to the same size. That is way you finish the logo or watermark.


  • Export video in full HD quality.
  • Speed up & add slow motion with the speed option.
  • Apply filters to your videos for color grading.
  • Select songs from the music library.
  • Use many templates free of cost.
  • Easy to make videos with strokes, shadows and colors.

Download This App: Google Play Store and App Store


I hope you enjoy this app. Install it and take advantages of its features. If you have other suggestion feel free To leave them in the comments section below. Thank You and Take Care.

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