This post is specially for Android user. These 6 amazing, useful and best Apps for Android is really incredible. All these Apps prove to be very useful for Android user. These apps improve your skills. Specially Youtubers and maker get a lot of benefits and advantages from these.

So, let’s see which are these apps and what are there features?

           1. Open Camera

A camera App that will must install in every Mobile is open camera, it is totally free app. it’s a very useful app and its rating is 4.2 and downloads are 50 million+. So, install it, in this camera app you find a lot setting of audio and video. The best feature of this app is audio source. A lot of people face difficulty to that if use external mic, it can’t work in your Android phone, So in this app this problem will solve. Apart this, a lot of features you will find in it. By using these features you should make your videos and pictures more efficiently. So must download the “Open Camera App”

  • Auto-level, pictures are perfectly level
  • Timer with optional voice countdown
  • Expose your camera’s functionality
  • Color effect, white balance, ISO
  • Overlay a choice grids and crop guides

Download the App: Google Play Store

           2. TTSLexx

Android user, when you record a call then immediately announcement should held and whoever you’re talking to know it. If you want to record a call silently that Talking person can’t be able to know that you make a recording, So install TTSLexx app. So for off announcement install TTSLexx and get more benefits by using it.

  • selecting and remembering the voice by read
  • network voice required internet connection
  • internet connection remove the number of errors
  • additional text processing

Download the app: Google Play Store

           3. What The Font

A useful and amazing app for Youtubers, Makers and for photographer is “What The Font”. If you see something written on anything and you like that writing and font but you don’t know the name of that font. So you install “What The Font”. It will available in both Apple and Android. It’s a best and useful App, install and try it.


  • Great for designer, crafter
  • Get ideas and inspiration
  • Learn name of cool fonts
  • Browser font similar to your image
  • Scan image to get fonts
  • fast and easy to use

Download the app: Google Play Store

           4. Kiwi Browser

You have using Google Chrome in your Laptop, Pc and Macbook and in these you have also use different types of extensions like, recover Whatsapp deleted messages. If you want to use such type of extensions in your mobile then you will install “Kiwi Browser”. The rating of this app is 4.2 and downloads are 10 million+. Millions of people know it and use it. In it you should easily use all type of Google extensions just like use in your laptop, pc or Macbook. In it you should find thousands of useful extensions like deleted messages, video, audios and pictures of your whatsapp you should be able to recover it easily by using such type of extension so install Kiwi Browser and get benefits.

  • Night mode for customizable contrast
  • Incredible page load speed
  • Supports many extension
  • Chat on Facebook without install Facebook
  • Super strong pop-ups blocker

Download the app: Google Play Store

          5. VLC Player

VLC Player, it is very popular and commonly use app, By one way it prove to be useful our Android Phone. When you play any video in VLC Player,so you find many option in menu like”Play as Audio, POP-UP Player, Equalizer, Play Back Speed, Sleep Timer and Lock and you also get the option of Repeat Mode. You should easily use all of the features in VLC.

  • Multimedia player
  • Intended for everyone
  • Totally free with no ads
  • For Android platform
  • Equalizer and filters for audio player

Download the app: Google Play Store

         6. Usage Analyzer

A useful and amazing app for Android user is “Usage Analyzer”. It tells that Which app did you install and when? How many Months, hours, days and how much seconds you should use it? How much data it will use to run? And how much space it takes in mobile? When and which Time you use it? Like this you get many options in it. You have an idea that which app you should use the most? In which app you should addict? Which app is useful for you and which is not? Install and get benefit of it.

  • Know how you use your apps
  • Find your app-life balance
  • Time management tool for managing
  • Analyzing your time spending on apps
  • Minor bug fix

Download the app: Google Play Store


So these are 6 useful, amazing and best apps for Android. All of these apps are totally free and without any charges, install and get benefits of it. I hope these apps are helpful for you. Download these and take advantages from their features. If you have other suggestion feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Thank you!

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