A Thumbnail is a small view of a large image. It is like a preview Image for your videos. It is a kind of book cover. Nowadays many YouTubers wanted to make thumbnails for their videos. So, if you are also searching that how To Make Thumbnails For YouTube Videos in Mobile (either android or iPhone) then you are on right page. In this article, I show these websites and Apps that are required for making thumbnail.

The following app and websites are must be required for making YouTube.

  1. Canva
  2. PicWish.com
  3. iConFinder

These tools are necessary for making a great Thumbnail of YouTube videos. So, let’s check it out that How these tools works, what features they have and how they make YouTube thumbnail? These are such question that solved in this article.

          1. Canva

Canva is really wonderful app. Here you not face any difficulty. You find many readymade templates here just chose any template that you want and change its text or photo. You can also add icons and logos in your Thumbnail to make it attractive and beautiful.

Pick the template you need, customize colors, fonts, text, and images to make a YouTube thumbnail that also promotes your videos. Then in the end export and save it. It’s very very simple and easy to use.

Price: Free

Download from here: Google PlayStore, Apple AppStore


          2. PicWish

PicWish remove image background automatically. If you want to add any picture in thumbnail form gallery then PicWish.com remove the background of your picture very clearly. It is helpful for you to remove the background of any picture and then you can easily add it in you thumbnail.

The main feature of PicWish is that is remove the background very clearly. You no need any design skills. By PicWish get transparent background in just 3 seconds.

Price: Free

Remove Background: PicWish

          3. iConFinder

iConfinder is the largest website for icons and logo. Here you find 6 million icons that are totally free. You want any type of icon just search here and many design related to that icon is in front of you. Then download it free and use in your YouTube thumbnail. It’s very simple and easy to use.

Price: Free

For 6M free icon: iConFinder


Hope you understand that how to make thumbnail for YouTube video. All these tools are totally free. So, use them and get rich benefits. Thank You!

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