PTV CMS is the best management system. This app definitely help you in your daily affairs. If your mobile phone is stolen, then where should you first submit the complaint? Or any Pakistani network company or mobile company is not giving you a solution to your problem and if they are ignoring you, where should you submit their complaint? You have registered your mobile but have given wrong e-mail number or payment has been made, signals is no coming or there is any such problem. you have to complaint against any tele-communication company in Pakistan. And you can solve many similar problems with the app given below.

     PTV CMS

This app will prove to be very useful for you. You will find the solution to all your problem in one app. So, first of all you have to install this app from google play store or apple’s app store.

Here’s how to use this app:

You must have a mobile number or e-mail ID to run it. When you open this first you click sign in then you have to enter your name, e-mail, mobile number in it. It requires a verification code, so you must have an e-mail ID and a mobile number no matter what the number and now you have sign up and write down your ID Card number and password that you entered earlier and then here you will find the solution to all your new complaint, you will see the entire list.

still if you not understand then watch this video

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