Call Recording Without Announcement

With the help of this app you can record your call. The person will not even know that you are recording their call. Google phone is useful and offers many interesting features, but many users were unhappy with it. The reason for that is the Caller Recording Announcement, which informs other users that you are recording the call. But TTSLexx will solve your problem.

Let’s see how is it work?


You simply need to download such a small application from your Google Play Store. After installing it you have to go their phone setting. Here tap the option ” Text to speech”. If you do not find this option then you go to the Additional Setting here you will find this option easily.

Next Tap on the “preferred engine option” And select “TTSLexx”

Now go back to the home screen. And long press the phone icon and tap the “App Info”.

Now go into “storage Usage”.

Then tap on “Clear Data” and Clear All Data. After this procedures your setting is ready.

Now, whenever you press the record button while on a call, the alert will be played before the call gets connected. This way, the other person won’t hear the recording at all, the same is the case when you pick up the call whenever someone is recording the call.

Important; Make sure to clear the data and cache of the phone app properly. Else the app won’t work.

Download This App: Google Play Store and App Store


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